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New Basement Installation & Repair - Southeast Michigan

New Basement Installation

Do you love the house that you currently live in, but it was built without a basement?  No problem!  We can raise your house and add a new basement to your existing home.  Reap the benefits of a new foundation and double your square footage by installing a basement, whether you renovate an existing crawl space or start from scratch.  Our professional crew has over 38 years of experience raising homes and installing basements right underneath your current home.

Basement Wall Repair

We also specialize in basement wall repair.  There are a number of reasons that could cause your basement wall to crack or bow.  The most common cause of a basement foundation wall issue is the pressure from the soil outside of the basement wall.  When clay soils get wet, it expands and places pressure on the wall.  Sometimes the force can exceed the strength of the wall and the constant pressure combined with water can weaken the wall over time creating inward movement.  Other factors include heavy rains, pressure from other structures such as driveways and porches, large tree roots, expansion due to frost, and poor grading.

We are a full-service Basement Installation & Repair Contractor serving the entire Southeast Michigan region – Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Wayne County, Sanilac County and more. If you’re looking to add a new basement or just repair your existing basement wall, then give us a call at (810) 794-2232 to schedule your estimate.

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Crack in Basement Wall Repair - Southeast Michigan