Floor Leveling


Floor Leveling Contractors - Southeast Michigan

Do you have uneven or sagging floors in your home?  If so, a non-level floor could be caused by a number of reasons.  Improper spacing of support columns, excess moisture in your crawl space leading to wood rot, or just shifting or settling of your foundation caused by soil movement.  Whatever the reason for sagging floors, our experts will get to the root cause and provide you with a solution that will bring your floors back to a level state.  There are a variety of methods that we use to level flooring.  Adding wood columns, reinforcing with steal beams, sistering floor joists, beam replacement, jack posts, crawl space jacks, and more.  Depending on your specific situation, we’ll implement the appropriate solution to eliminate your sagging floors.

We are a full-service Floor Leveling Contractor serving the entire Southeast Michigan region – Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Wayne County, Sanilac County and more. If you’re having problems with a sagging floor, then give us a call at (810) 794-2232 for an estimate.

Floor Leveling Contractors - Macomb, St. Clair, Oakland County, MI